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Multilingualism Champions Initiative

In his latest report on multilingualism (A/73/761), the Secretary-General of the United Nations reaffirmed his vision of a multilingual Organization, shaped by its universality, its presence on all continents and its unique linguistic regime. He recalled that the Organization's multilingualism must also be reflected in its internal operating procedures in order to support the implementation of its mandates and improve its efficiency, performance and transparency.

The Secretary-General's report also mentioned persistent difficulties in implementing multilingualism in our daily work and stressed the need to raise awareness among staff of its importance. It is in thin spirit that the Director-General of UNOG launched the Multilingualism Champions initiative to give multilingualism additional impetus by publicly demonstrating the importance we attach to it. To this end, all heads of United Nations agencies in Geneva were invited to commit to become Multilingualism Champions and undertake one action every year to promote multilingualism within their organizations.

Letter from the Director of UNOG to Heads of UN entities in Geneva

List of commitments