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Manila Conference

The BWC Conference Week, hosted by the Government of the Philippines, was held in Manila, Makati City. The event was chaired by the government of the Philippines and vice-chaired by the BWC ISU, the United States and Australia. The Conference comprised three consecutive events.

1/ “the Regional workshop on National Implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention in East Asia and the Pacific”, organised by the EU Joint Action on 27-28 June 2011;

2/ “the Workshop on Building Capacity for Prevention, Preparedness and Response”, organised by the U.S. Department of State on 29 June 2011;

3/ “the Seminar on Issues for the Seventh Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention”, organised by the Australian Government on 30 June- 1 July 2011.

Each event comprised a mixture of presentations in plenum and break-out sessions in smaller groups. Overall, the conference dealt with topics such as: national implementation of BWC obligations through legislation and administrative and enforcement measures; strengthening of the CBM process; disease surveillance and bioterrorism prevention; and dual-use science and technology. The topics were first addressed with a national and regional perspective, which was followed by a discussion on if and how to include them at the Seventh Review Conference. Additional topics addressed with a view towards the Review Conference were universality, a new intersessional process, the ISU, and assistance and cooperation under BWC Articles VII and X.

Please click on the relevant link to access the summary that has been prepared by each vice-chair.