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BWC Old CBM forms

The Second Review Conference in 1986 established a CBM mechanism with exchanges of information in four areas. This was revised to cover additional areas at the Third Review Conference in 1991. The forms created by the Third Review Conference were used for twenty years until they were revised at the Seventh Review Conference in 2011. This page provides information on the CBMs, modalities and forms used between 1991 and 2011.

Blank CBM Forms (extracted from BWC/CONF.VI/INF.3)

Guide to Participating in the Confidence-building Measures

To assist States Parties in participating in the CBMs, a guide was developed to complement the forms and assist States in gathering the necessary information and entering it into the forms. The Guide was officially released on 8 December 2009 during the 2009 Meeting of States Parties, in English and translations to the other official languages of the United Nations became available in December 2011. The Guide to Participating in the Confidence-building Measures of the Biological Weapons Convention" is now available in: