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for the CCW Sponsorship Fund Administration
(As approved by the Sponsorship Programme’s Steering Committee on 29 June 2007
and subsequently modified on 18 September 2008)

1. The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) is entrusted with the technical management of the CCW Sponsorship Programme. The GICHD will administer free of charge to donors the fund for the Sponsorship Programme in accordance with the terms of the relevant Decision by the Third CCW Review Conference on the establishment of a Sponsorship Programme under CCW (CCW/CONF.III/11, Part. II, Annex IV).

2. The Steering Committee of the CCW Sponsorship Programme is composed of representatives of donors to this programme and the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs. It shall elect a Coordinator. Representatives of the three UN Regional Groups, China, the President-designate of the CCW and representatives of UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) will be invited to participate in the meetings of the Steering Committee as observers and advisors.

3. The Steering Committee will inform the GICHD of its composition and of any changes in its composition. The Steering Committee’s Coordinator is the point of contact for the GICHD. She/He will work closely with the GICHD on the CCW Sponsorship Programme and inform the Committee about decisions regarding sponsorship matters.

4. Contributions to the CCW Sponsorship Programme should be transferred to the bank account of the GICHD. The details are:

o Owner of the bank account: Centre international de déminage humanitaire
o Name of the bank account: CCW Sponsorship Programme
o Reference: "Project 9308”.
o Bank: UBS Geneva, P.O. Box 2600, CH - 1211 Geneva 2
o Account Number: 0240-FP102368.2
o IBAN: CH 48 00 240 240 FP 102 36 82

The interest earned and fees paid of this account are to be included in this bank account.

5. The GICHD will receive the sums allocated by the members of the Steering Committee for the CCW Sponsorship Programme. For this purpose, a contract between the donor and the GICHD will be signed.

6. The GICHD will inform the Steering Committee on the account situation before each meeting of the CCW Sponsorship Programme’s Steering Committee. The GICHD will submit to the Steering Committee the CCW Sponsorship Programme’s account balance three months after the conclusion of each sponsored CCW-related event.

7. The GICHD will submit an annual report to the Steering Committee and provide a qualified auditor to certify all financial statements regarding the CCW Sponsorship Programme.

8. The Steering Committee shall decide on the potential beneficiaries of the CCW Sponsorship Programme at least one month prior to each CCW activity. The GICHD will proceed with the sponsoring of the participants according to these decisions. The GICHD, in consultation with the Coordinator and the Steering Committee, may decide on an alternative representative from the same country as a participant to whom sponsoring was allocated if her/his participation is cancelled for pressing reasons. As a matter of principle, potential beneficiaries, who have made a presentation on landmines and/or ERW in other international treaty fora, shall not be allowed to make the same presentation in the CCW.

9. The Steering Committee, in coordination with the GICHD, will decide on other expenditure, in accordance with the basic goals and operational purposes of the CCW Sponsorship Programme.

10. The person responsible for the CCW Sponsorship Programme at the GICHD is Mr. Pascal Rapillard, Policy and External Relations. Ms. Susanne Rihs Aeby is in charge of the logistical and technical aspects in organising the CCW Sponsorship Programme. The contact details are as follows: telephone: +41 (0) 22 906 16 85, fax: +41 (0) 22 906 16 90, E-mail: s.rihs-aeby@gichd.org. The GICHD will advise the Steering Committee on any changes to the point of contact within the GICHD.

11. With reference to paragraph 4 (i) (ii) of the Decision on the establishment of a Sponsorship Programme under CCW, the Sponsorship Programme will allocate funds as follows:

o Transportation (Rates are subject to change according to inflation and cost of living adapted to the costs. For experts traveling to destinations other than Geneva other rates will be applied, in coordination with the Coordinator of the Steering Committee):
* Air travel: the most cost-effective economy-class round-trip.
* Local transportation (airport to hotel return): CHF 70.
* Meals in aircraft, when not included: against receipt.

o Lodging:
* Hotel accommodation will be arranged by the GICHD at preferential rates. Accommodation will include the night prior to the start of the meeting and will end with the night after the last day of the meeting.

o Meals:
* Breakfast will be included in hotel accommodation.
* Lunch: CHF 35.
* Dinner: CHF 50.

o Visa fees

Telephone calls, mini-bar, laundry, or other expenses incurred are not included in the funding and will not be reimbursed.

12. Any cases of disputes between sponsored participants and the GICHD will be submitted to the Coordinator of the Steering Committee of the CCW Sponsorship Programme for arbitration.

13. If a CCW meeting takes place back-to-back with meetings profiting from another GICHD-implemented sponsorship programme, the GICHD will ensure coordinated action in case a delegate applies for sponsorship under both sponsorship programmes.

14. In case of fund liquidation, the Steering Committee will meet to take a decision on the funds remaining.

15. These guidelines may be amended at any time by the Steering Committee in consultation with the GICHD.

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