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International Health Regulations Awareness Workshop for BWC Delegations

IHR Workshop 21 August 2009 pic1 IHR workshop 21 August 2009 pic2

The World Health Organization in cooperation with the BTWC Implementation Support Unit held a one-day workshop on the revised International Health Regulations (IHR 2005), at the Palais des Nations on Friday 21 August 2009. The workshop was being organised for the benefit of delegations to the BWC Meeting of Experts (24-28 August).

The 193 signatories to the IHR must fully comply with the core capacity requirements by 2012. This workshop provided a useful opportunity for BWC delegations to familiarise themselves with the IHR in advance of the Meeting of Experts, to discuss synergies in IHR and BWC implementation, and to consider the relationship of the IHR to this year's BWC topic of promoting capacity building in the fields of disease surveillance, detection, diagnosis, and containment.

The workshop included a number of presentations, and an interactive case study on the application of the IHR to a public health emergency of international concern.