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Political Affairs and Partnerships Section

As the Secretary-General’s representative and in support of his efforts, the Director-General maintains relations with Member States, regional organizations and other intergovernmental organizations, as well as research and academic institutions.

The Director-General also liaises with United Nations agencies, funds and programmes in Geneva and facilitates inter-agency cooperation.

The Director-General’s political, external and inter-agency activities are in line with the Secretary-General’s strategies and reform efforts as well as his vision for a United Nations actively engaged in facilitating partnerships among all stakeholders in the international system. This includes active collaboration with civil society, the private sector, think tanks, academia and other stakeholders.

In discharging these functions, the Director-General is supported by a core political, external and inter-agency affairs team that undertakes in-depth analysis and advises on regional and international political issues.

As the Secretary-General of the Conference on Disarmament and the Personal Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to the Conference, the Director-General oversees the work of the Conference and provides the Secretary-General with advice on the Conference on Disarmament. In these functions, the Director-General is supported by the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament Secretariat.

You can find updates on the work of the Political Affairs and Partnerships Section on Twitter @UNOGPolitical and follow the Director-General @UNOG_DG.

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In line with relevant General Assembly resolutions, UNOG assists in the organization of selected International Days to commemorate significant historical events and raise awareness about key issues on the international agenda.

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Cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations is based on Chapter VIII of the United Nations Charter. Regional efforts complement international initiatives and action through the United Nations. Regional organizations are important partners of the United Nations, as each organization has its particular role and expertise. The Secretary-General has therefore encouraged closer and more effective cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations.

Facilitating cooperation with regional organizations is part of the mandate of the United Nations Office at Geneva, and reinforcing relations with regional arrangements remains one of the priorities of the Office. In this spirit, the Director-General regularly meets representatives of regional organizations and participates in conferences and events organized by them.

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