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A Strategic Heritage Plan for the Palais des Nations

The discussions and decisions made at the Palais des Nations make a difference to the lives of people everywhere. The Strategic Heritage Plan (SHP) - a CHF 836.5-million renovation and construction project - will ensure that the Palais des Nations continues to serve for the next generation as a safe, cost-effective and sustainable conference centre and as a major platform to support the UN’s important mission working for peace, rights and well-being.

The project includes the construction of a new sustainable office building, the comprehensive renovation and modernization of the historical buildings and the dismantling of the office tower above conference Building E.


COVID-19 update: Following an order from the Geneva Conseil d’Etat for all construction projects in the Geneva canton to cease work, construction works of the new building and the Temporary Conference Facility were halted on 20 March 2020 until at least 19 April inclusive. The Strategic Heritage Plan (SHP) team has been working with the contractors to close down the sites, making sure everything is safe and secure.

While the planning, design and procurement activities related to the SHP continue at pace and have smoothly switched to be carried out via teleworking, this will have an impact on both the start of the renovation works and staff moves. We will keep you informed over the coming weeks as we gain more clarity on the unfolding situation.

Modernizing the Palais des Nations is necessary to address the Organization's changing needs, tackle urgent safety and efficiency issues and bring the campus in line with Swiss health and safety, accessibility and environmental initiatives and norms. ​

Not only will UNOG make our facilities safer, more modern and more accessible for persons with disabilities, UNOG will make them greener and more efficient. Our electrical and water usage will be reduced and harmful materials that were used in the original construction will be removed.

The film featured below presents an overview of the SHP project which aims to renovate the facilities at the Palais des Nations in Geneva and to build a new permanent building on the premises. Building code compliance and greater accessibility for persons with disabilities are among the key objectives of the project.

Find out more films on the Strategic Heritage Plan project.

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Ninth Edition - Fall 2019
-> Conference services in the context of the SHP

Eight Edition - Summer 2019

-> 90 years of the Palais des Nations & Launch of series on the women working on the SHP project

Seventh Edition - Spring 2019
-> Construction news & SHP committed to sustainability

Sixth Edition - Winter 2018-2019
-> Catering in the context of the SHP

Fifth Edition - Autumn 2018
-> Launch of the SHP on the UN Secretariat intranet & SHP construction and renovation timeline

Fourth Edition - Summer 2018
-> Construction news & Records and the SHP

Third Edition - Winter 2017-2018
-> Construction and renovation news & Art at the Palais des Nations

Second Edition - Autumn 2017
-> Construction and renovation news & SHP supporting an efficient and effective UN in Geneva

First Edition - Spring 2017
-> Welcome to the first edition of "Info Point" & Construction and renovation news

Hide details for Objectives, benefits and challengesObjectives, benefits and challenges

  • Building code compliance
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Upgrade IT, broadcast and congress systems
  • Flexible, functional, optimize interior and conference spaces
  • Heritage preservation
  • Deliver within budget and on schedule
  • Business and operational continuity

  • Safer buildings for occupants, rectification of fire safety violations, adequate fire escape and egress routes, and total asbestos removal
  • Accessibility and technologies for persons with disabilities
  • Greater energy efficiencies and reduced long-term maintenance cost
  • More efficient conference facilities
  • 25 % office space efficiency gains
  • Additional workplaces will allow the termination of expensive commercial leases
  • Overall cost avoidance for the leases of the premises outside of the Palais des Nations
  • Preservation of the historic site

  • Maintain schedule and budget
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Multi-year account
  • Financing
  • Contracting arrangements
  • Change orders
  • Operational continuity during construction
  • Managing change

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