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Exhibition Facilities

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) manages a number of facilities for the cultural activities it organizes. A list of these facilities is provided below. In addition to these facilities, an innovative modular exhibition system is now available to all cultural events organizers, thanks to a generous gift made by Switzerland on the occasion of its accession to the United Nations.

For concerts, UNOG can provide podiums and around 300 chairs. Musical instruments, including pianos, must be provided by events organizers.

For film projections, DVD players are available in Cinema XIV.

Salle des Pas Perdus
The A Building, 3rd floor
Surface of 300 m2
Monumental central hall
Rectangular shape
Many people pass each day thus only the sides can be used
Very high ceiling, walls covered in green marble

The E Building, 2nd floor
Opposite the main entrance
Surface of 800 m2, of which about 500 m2 can be used, mainly for group exhibitions.
Ceiling heights vary
Organic architectural shape
Bay window on the Lake Geneva side

Exhibition Gallery
The E Building, 3rd floor
Rectangular-shaped room
Surface of 300 m2, ceiling height 350 cm
Open on one side, windows on the other
Both natural and artificial light possible

Footbridge linking the E and the A Building, 3rd floor - access via Door 40
Long walkway of 70 m which can be used for poster and documentry exhibitions
Glass walls on both sides brin in a lot of natural light

Library building, 1st floor
Exhibition facility inside a cyberspace used daily by Library users
Open from Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Sixteen 16 vertical display cases of about 100 cm high, 60 x 60 cm display surface
Several walls equipped for hanging paintings or photographs

League of Nations Museum
Library building, 1st floor
One part of the museum is used for a permanent exhibition on the history of the United Nations Organization. The remaining space of about 50 m2 can be used for small exhibitions on themes related to the United Nations Organizations. Panels, walls and display cases are available.