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About the Cultural Activities Programme

The Cultural Activities Programme at UNOG encourages Member States and international organizations to present cultural events to the international community and visitors to the Palais des Nations. The Programme is a celebration of diversity and provides a forum for interaction among peoples of different traditions and backgrounds. These exchanges of ideas and cultures foster mutual tolerance and respect and provide a foundation for building peace and prosperity for people across the world. Through the Cultural Activities Programme, UNOG seeks to spread the message that we are united by our common humanity. The Programme was developed in the context of the Global Agenda for Dialogue Among Civilizations.

A Global Agenda for Dialogue Among Civilizations

UNOG established the Cultural Activities Programme as a response to major decisions by the United Nations General Assembly proclaiming 2000 as the International Year for the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, and 2001 as the UN Year of Dialogue among civilizations.

The Programme was developed in the context of the Global Agenda for Dialogue Among Civilizations (A/RES/56/6 - 2001 and A/RES/60/4 - 2005).

Who Manages the Cultural Activities Programme at UNOG?

The Programme has been entrusted to the UNOG Library which reports directly to the Director-General. The UNOG Library coordinates the policy and implements the Programme, with the Chief Librarian chairing the UNOG Cultural Activities Committee.

What kinds of activities are organized?

The Cultural Activities Programme includes exhibitions, concerts and performances, film screenings, cultural conferences and donations of artworks.

Who can organize a cultural event at UNOG?

Events are organized only through Permanent Missions to UNOG and through International Organizations. Individual artists and non-governmental organizations must apply through these entities.

Who can participate in cultural events at UNOG?

Cultural events are attended by the diplomatic community, staff of the UN system in Geneva, accredited NGOs and members of the public invited by the organizing entity. Staff of UNOG and their family members are particularly encouraged to attend.

Would you like to organize a cultural event?
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