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MOTAPM - Latest news!

May 2018

Background Note on “Mines other than anti-personnel mines” (MOTAPM) for informal, open consultations pursuant to the decision of the 2017 Meeting of the CCW High Contracting Parties

August 2017

UNODA, UNMAS and GICHD held an informal meeting on Mines Other Than Anti-personnel Mines (MOTAPM). Below are the presentations made at that event.

Presentation by GICHD on data concerning MOTAPM Incidents
Presentation by the ICRC on MOTAPM and International Humanitarian Law
Presentation by UNMAS on MOTAPM - A perspective from the field
Presentation by UNMAS on MOTAPM and possible mitigating measures
Presentation by Ireland on MOTAPM and Military Utility

Hide details for MOTAPM Informal Meeting - 2015MOTAPM Informal Meeting - 2015

On Friday 6 November 2015, the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), United Nations Mine Service (UNMAS) and Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) jointly hosted an informal preparatory meeting on mines other than anti-personnel mines (MOTAPM).

Opening Session

Opening addresses by Joint Chairs, UNODA, UNMAS, GICHD
Evolution of military doctrine on the use of MOTAPM, Brigadier William Sowry, AM, CSC, Head Australian Defence Staff – London
Anti-Vehicle Mines & International Humanitarian Law, Mr. Lou Maresca, Legal Adviser, ICRC

Challenges faced by affected states

The humanitarian and developmental impact of MOTAPM use, Ms. Rachel Irwin, Senior Researcher, SIPRI
Difficulties in detection and clearance of MOTAPM, Mr. Tim Lardner, Chief, UNMAS South Sudan
Challenges for affected states, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Foshanji, Permanent Mission of Afghanistan and Mr. Paul Grimsley, Chief, Arms & Ammunition, UNMAS Libya

Measures to address the humanitarian impact of AVM use

GICHD: MOTAPM: Characteristics and Safeguards, Mr. Colin King, Director, Fenix Insight Ltd
Recent incidents and measures to mitigate impact and improve quality of reporting, Mr. Guy Rhodes, Director of Operations, GICHD
The HALO Trust: A perspective from the field on the clearance of MOTAPMMr. Calvin Ruysen, Desk Officer, HALO
Cooperation and assistance for clearance of AVMs, Mr. Mark Versteden, Permanent Mission of the Netherlands
Measures taken on a national basis by states in addition to existing IHL,Mr. Bantan Nugroho, CCW Implementation Support Unit

Future activities and possible way forward

Background to and current status of issue within CCW framework, options for moving forward, and possible additions to or clarification of existing IHL, Mr. Peter Kolarov, UNODA
Anti-Vehicle Mines: Ways Forward: Practice and Process? Mr. Peter Herby