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How to apply to the CCW Sponsorship Programme

  • A call for voluntary applications for sponsorship for CCW meetings is being launched in the beginning of the year. The deadline of the 2019 intake was 8 February 2019. The decision on the attribution of sponsorships is being made by the Steering Committee of the Sponsorship Programme at its next meeting.

Once an application has been approved for sponsorship then the following conditions apply:

Delegates will travel on an economy class ticket arranged by or in coordination with the CCW Sponsorship Programme administrator. The sponsored delegate will accept accommodation at a hotel of the administrator’s choice.
  • If a sponsored delegate is unable to travel to Geneva once a ticket has been issued, he or she must immediately inform the CCW Sponsorship Programme administrator and return the unused air tickets.
  • In addition, it is the responsibility of sponsored delegates to act promptly to obtain all necessary visas for travel to Switzerland, especially since Switzerland has applied the Schengen regulations concerning the issuance of visas.
  • Further information relating to the procedures and measures concerning the issuance of visas for Switzerland is available by contacting the Swiss embassy or consulate in the applicant's country of residence or by referring to the following link of the Federal Office of Migrations:


  • Further information is available on the Permanent Mission of Switzerland's website:


The candidate is required to make a national statement on their area of expertise, i.e. his or her country’s status of ratification, implementation or reporting.