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Sponsorship Programme

The Sponsorship Programme for participation in the 2019 Meetings of Experts is now closed

In order to support and increase the participation of developing States Parties in annual BWC meetings, the Eighth Review Conference (in 2016) decided to renew the Sponsorship Programme established by the Seventh Review Conference (in 2011).

The Sponsorship Programme is administered by the Implementation Support Unit (ISU) in consultation with the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Meeting of States Parties, and is funded by voluntary contributions from States Parties in a position to provide them.

The Seventh Review Conference decided that “Priority for sponsorship will be given to those States Parties which have previously not participated in the meetings, or have been unable to regularly send experts from capital.” Sponsorship may also be provided, depending on the availability of resources, to enhance participation of States not party in order to promote universalization of the Convention. With regard to the intersessional programme from 2018-2020, the 2017 Meeting of States Parties added that "Maximum use would be made of the Sponsorship Programme funded by voluntary contributions in order to facilitate participation of developing States Parties in the meetings of the intersessional programme."

Dates of the 2019 BWC Meetings of Experts

The Meetings of Experts (MX) are scheduled to take place from 29 July to 8 August 2019 (1 August will be Swiss National Day and the UN will therefore be closed).
  • MX1 - Cooperation and Assistance, with a Particular Focus on Strengthening Cooperation and Assistance under Article X (29 to 30 July 2019)
  • MX2 - Review of Developments in the Field of Science and Technology Related to the Convention (31 July and 2 August 2019)
  • MX3 - Strengthening National Implementation (5 August 2019)
  • MX4 - Assistance, Response and Preparedness (6 to 7 August 2019)
  • MX5 - Institutional Strengthening of the Convention (8 August 2019)

So far in 2019, Canada and the European Union have provided voluntary contributions to the Sponsorship Programme.