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International Ammunition Technical Guidelines

The International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATGs) are a valuable tool for ensuring that a holistic approach is taken to stockpile management of conventional ammunition. The IATGs include categorisation and accounting systems - which are essential for ensuring safe handling and storage and for identifying surplus ammunition - to physical security systems and surveillance and testing procedures to assess the stability and reliability of ammunition.

The IATGs were developed under the United Nations SafeGuard Programme by a technical review panel consisting of experts from Member States, with the support of international, governmental and non-governmental organisations. The IATGs will be regularly reviewed to reflect developing ammunition stockpile management norms and practices, and to incorporate changes due to amendments to appropriate international regulations and requirements.

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Weapons and Ammunition Management in the Federal Republic of Somalia is a report produced by UNIDIR on the work carried out b y the Federal Government of Somalia and its international partners towards achieving effective weapons and ammunition management in Somalia. The report includes the IATGs and the management of munitions sites.

Above is Ms. Gillian Goh, Conventional Arms Branch of the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs, who has been closely involved with the development of the ITAGS.