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First Conference


Pursuant to Article 10 (1) of the Protocol which states that "a Conference of High Contracting Parties shall be held as agreed to by a majority, but no less than eighteen High Contracting Parties", a letter co-signed by 22 States which have expressed consent to be bound by Protocol V was addressed to the Secretary-General, inviting him to convene a Preparatory meeting and a Conference of High Contracting Parties to the Protocol for the purpose of consultations and cooperation on all issues related to the operation of the Protocol.

The Third Review Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Convention (Geneva, 7-17 November 2006) decided on the dates and duration of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) for the Conference (Geneva, 18 June 2007) and the First Conference (Geneva, 5 November 2007).

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The First Conference was held in Geneva on 5 November 2007 under the presidency of Ambassador Johannes C. Landman of the Netherlands.

The Conference addressed matters related to the implementation of Protocol V. The Conference was successful in establishing a comprehensive framework for exchange of information and cooperation. The States Parties agreed, in particular, on the following activities:
  • to report annually on the measures they have taken to implement the provisions of the Protocol;
  • to create an ERW database consisting of request for assistance;
  • to establish an informal mechanism - Meetings of Experts - to facilitate cooperation and assistance among the States Parties; and
  • to set up a procedure for retaining and exchanging information on used explosive ordnance thus facilitating and accelerating clearance.

The Second Conference in 2008 was invited to evaluate the experience of implementing the Protocol during the first year.

The work of the First Conference and its decisions are reflected in its Final Document, as follows:


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