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The Pool of Experts

Pursuant to the relevant decision by the Third Review Conference, a Pool of Experts was established.

Any High Contracting Party may seek assistance from the Pool of Experts regarding any concerns which relate to the fulfilment of its own legal obligations under the provisions of the Convention and any of its annexed Protocols by which it is bound. In case of such a request, the Secretary-General selects, in consultation with the requesting High Contracting Party concerned and on a case by case basis, an expert or a group of experts from the pool, who will consider this concern and submit to the High Contracting Party concerned and to the Secretary-General report containing his/their views and possible recommendations on the issue raised by the High Contracting Party concerned. Upon request by a High Contracting Party, the Secretary-General, after previously informing the High Contracting Party concerned by the report, shall communicate this report to the High Contracting Party requesting such communication.The costs of the expertise conducted by the expert or experts are borne by the High Contracting Party concerned or through voluntary contributions.

In the selection of experts, the Secretary-General gives particular consideration to their appropriate competence, as well as to equitable geographical distribution.


Each High Contracting Party may provide one expert per each of the Protocols to the Convention, to be included in the pool. The expert included in the pool shall be of acknowledged impartiality and recognized technical, legal or other appropriate competence.

The expert or experts selected shall fulfil their duties in their personal capacity.

The following Registration Form for inclusion of national experts into the Pool of Experts is recommended for use by the High Contracting Parties in the nomination of their experts.


On behalf of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Office for Disarmament Affairs prepares and updates a list containing the names, nationalities and other relevant data of the experts included in the Pool.

A note verbale by the Secretary-General inviting the High Contracting Parties to provide names, nationalities and other relevant data of their experts was circulated, as follows:

Access to the Pool of Experts is limited to the High Contracting Parties only. A username and password are required to log in.

Usernames and passwords are issued and forwarded to all CCW High Contracting Parties by the CCW Secretariat with the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva branch. If you have not received or if you have lost your username and password, please contact us. Please note that all requests for access to the restricted area will have to be authenticated by a permanent mission to the United Nations in Geneva or New York.

If you have already registered, please log in:

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