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The Cookbook includes over 40 recipes for Peace, Rights and Well-Being, written by actors of International Geneva, showcasting their work in an innovative and creative way.

"Recipes for Peace, Rights & Well-being Prepared in International Geneva" is a unique collection which gives a taste of the expertise and far-reaching impact of international Geneva. With the aim to creatively communicate the significance of the work done at International Geneva, the recipe book showcases success stories in diverse areas such as health, science, development and diplomacy. Compiled by the Perception Change Project, the collection is the result of an impressive collaboration of over fifty partners including international organizations, NGOs, Swiss government entities and private sector. A world-class selection of menus from the top hotels in Geneva are presented together with recipes such as “Broadband Chutney”, Ethical Fashion”, “Resilience Pie” and “Mixed-weather Casserole”.

The recipe book was first presented to the public at an International Geneva Kitchen Stand at the Geneva Book and Press Fair 29 April – 3 May 2015. The Kitchen was a huge success and is now set to reach out to the public at a series of events:

June 14
World Trade Organization's Open Day
August 1Swiss National Day celebrations at Parc La Grange
September 19-20World Expo in Milan at the Swiss Pavilion during the Geneva week
October 24UN Open Day celebrating the UN 70th anniversary at Palais des Nations

The book is available at the CERN Library Bookstore and the UN Bookshop at the Palais des Nations in English, French, Italian and German.