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Who does what within International Geneva?

International Geneva forms a unique ecosystem with its large number of international actors working towards peace, rights and well-being.

But, who does what on the Global Goals? To answer this question, UN Geneva has mapped out the expertise of 72 Geneva-based actors who are working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG Mapping, which was originally developed in 2015, now offers an updated version which provides a more objective and in-depth overview of synergies in Geneva. Through a common evaluation framework, the participating organizations voluntarily assessed their expertise in 10 different areas for each Sustainable Development Goal:
- Norms and standard setting
- Legal framework and support
- Capacity building and training
- Coordination
- Research and collection of data
- Policy formulation
- Outreach, advocacy and communication
- Data analysis, harmonization and statistics
- Operations in the field
- Financing

Conceived as a tool to foster the cooperation among like-minded organizations, and to facilitate the comprehension of the work done by the Geneva Ecosystem, the SDG Mapping is also available online at www.sdgmapping.ch, where participants can interact with and easily update information.

International Geneva expertise on the Global Goals - 1/2

International Geneva expertise on the Global Goals - 2/2