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Children’s storybook

The children’s storybook is collection of worldwide tales, popular to different regions. The tales work together and highlight some of the global challenges humanity faces today, such as hunger, human rights, discrimination, education, women empowerment, migration and climate change. The stories we know, therefore, don’t follow the traditional route. Rather, they are adapted to fit into the modern day framework.

The goal of the children’s book is to educate young readers, as well as adults, about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and how the whole United Nations and other international organizations are working together to combat these world challenges. The global issues that are weaved into the creative storyline, are further explored in more detail in light of the SDGs throughout the book.

The December 2016 pre-launch of the book, together with the start of the online version and conversations centred on the SDGs provide a dynamic point of engagement for readers of all ages. Readers can scan the QR codes from the hardcopy book, which link them to the conversations on the different topics mentioned in the book, where they can discuss these issues with world-renowned experts and celebrities. With there being room to expand and develop in areas, we will be aiming for the launch of the book later this year with more curated online conversations.

To view the online version, visit http://sdgstorybook.com. If you would like to find out more or stay up to date with translated versions of the book, please contact us on perceptionchange@unog.ch.