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Permanent representatives at ceremonies

When permanent representatives are collectively invited to ceremonies, etc., rather than as members of national delegations, they should be collectively seated in an exclusively reserved area in the right forefront of the room, immediately after cabinet ministers and the like. Should this not prove to be possible for practical reasons, a similar arrangement might be made in another prominent part of the room. The Chief of Protocol or another high official of the inviting organization might greet the permanent representatives at the entrance and see that they are ushered to their seats.

In a ceremony to which permanent representatives are invited collectively rather than as members of national delegations, and during which representatives of international organizations, local authorities, and the like, are seated on a podium, the possibility should be considered of inviting the Chairman of the Geneva Diplomatic Committee or, in his absence, one of the vice-chairmen, to the podium.

It is desirable that permanent representatives be given access to all meetings at which their country is represented, irrespective of whether they have been formally notified as members of delegations to such meetings.