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Assumption of office

Upon assumption of office by a permanent representative, the permanent mission should ask the United Nations Protocol and Liaison Service in Geneva to make arrangements for the presentation of credentials. For the brief ceremony of presentation, the Chief of Protocol will accompany the permanent representative.

It is customary for a new permanent representative to send individual letters to other permanent representatives informing them that he/she has presented his/her credentials.

It is the practice for a new permanent representative to call on the directors and/or secretaries-general of specialized agencies and other international organizations to which he is accredited. Given the large number of permanent missions in Geneva, it is left to the discretion of the permanent representative as to which colleagues he/she might wish to call upon.

The Authorities of the Republic and Canton, as well as of the City of Geneva, appreciate courtesy calls by newly-arrived permanent representatives. However, given the large number of diplomatic and consular missions in Geneva, such courtesy calls are left entirely to the discretion of the newly-arrived permanent representative.