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Updates of the Blue Book

The publication known as the "Blue Book," entitled “Missions permanentes auprès des Nations Unies à Genève” (in French only), provides the contact and representation information about Permanent Missions, Observer Offices at Geneva, as well as composition of main UN bodies etc. It is available at www.unog.ch/bluebook.

The Blue Book is updated on a regular basis by the Protocol and Liaison Service of the United Nations Office at Geneva with the kind cooperation of the permanent missions and permanent observer offices.

Kindly note that
  • The list of staff of permanent missions and observer offices is determined based on communications that the Protocol and Liaison Office receives from missions and observer offices
  • This directory does not constitute a full list of staff members of missions and observer offices to the United Nations Office at Geneva. It does not include

      - all staff working at permanent missions and observer offices

      - members appointed only to the Conference on Disarmament or only to the World Trade Organization, which are now the subject of separate brochures.

  • Only members of permanent missions and observer offices who are holders of a legitimation card of the category B or C included in Parts I to IV of this directory
  • Due to the increasing amount of information related to addresses, telephones, faxes and e-mail addresses, only the immediate details of permanent missions and observer offices are included in this manual.
  • Regarding the diplomatic status of permanent missions and entities other than a State, this list is only indicative and does not attribute any legal value to the treatment accorded by the Host Country.
  • All changes to this manual, including
      a) changes related to the departures and arrivals of diplomatic staff with the United Nations Office at Geneva and cardholders of legitimation B or C, and their spouses;
      b) the order of precedence; and
      c) general information on the missions (address, phone, fax, email, website, National Day), shall be addressed in writing to:

      The Protocol and Liaison
      United Nations Office at Geneva
      Palais des Nations
      Avenue de la Paix 8 - 14
      1211 Geneva 10

      Tel: +41 (0)22 917 21 37, +41 (0)22 917 21 90
      Fax: +41 0(22) 917 00 00
      E-mail: protocol@unog.ch