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ACCESSIBILITY AT UNOG A A A A The United Nations in the Heart of Europe

Our Services

Databases and e-journals

Access electronic databases and e-journals from your office or while on mission or telecommuting.
- Most databases or e-journals are automatically accessible at UN staff offices in the Palais des Nations. Staff may inquire regarding options for remote access while on mission. Use our online form to contact us about this service.
- Consult within the Palais des Nations
Full-text access to most of those electronic resources is only available within the Palais des Nations via:
  • the PC’s available in the reading rooms
  • the Wi-Fi connections in the Palais des Nations and in the Library reading rooms

Catalogue and Online loan requests

Locate print material
- The Library online catalogue Global Search is accessible from anywhere. It includes descriptions of books, journals, selections of articles, UN publications available in print at the Library, or in electronic version.

Order material online
- Online loan requests of print material are available through the Library catalogues for all registered users.
  • UN staff members can receive and return the material through internal mail (UNOG Library, PN, Office B.121).
  • Representatives of the Permanent Missions can borrow and return the material from the Loans desk (B Building, 1st Floor, Office B.121).
  • Borrowed material can also be returned in one of our return boxes at doors C.6 or E.40 of the Palais des Nations.
  • Other registered users can place requests online and consult the print material at the Library. It’s also a good opportunity to browse the recent acquisitions readily available on the shelves of the reading rooms.

Resource Guides

Easily find print and electronic resources on specific topics via our Resource Guides

Online reference service

Ask a Librarian
- Use our Ask us online form to send your question. A team of specialized librarians is always ready to assist you with your research.

Circulation of periodicals

Receive periodicals at your office
- UN staff working in the Palais des Nations may request to receive in their office current issues of some specialized periodicals.
- Use our Ask us online form to request this service.

Suggestion for acquisition

Suggest an acquisition
- You can suggest books and journals for acquisition. Suggestions are evaluated by the Library Acquisitions’ Committee which decides whether or not to buy the material.
- Use our Ask us online form to send your suggestion.

Inter-library loan service

Borrow material from another library
- The Inter-Library loan service allows UN staff and representatives of Permanent Missions to borrow documents which are not available in the UNOG Library. Use our Ask us online form to request the material.

In addition to these online services, you will always find librarians on-site to:
  • Answer any of your questions
    Specialized librarians are always ready to assist you with your research. Do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • Offer an "on-the-spot" training
    Whether you are a new user, or need advanced search tips, do not hesitate to ask a librarian for guidance.

Research Guides