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Learning at UNOG

Centre for Learning and Multilingualism (CLM)

The Centre for Learning and Multilingualism (CLM) is committed to providing to our diverse clientele high quality, state of the art, innovative and effective learning opportunities and organizational support.

In line with UN values and competencies, CLM support individual and institutional growth and performance to meet organizational needs particularly in the context of ongoing change.

CLM is charged with implementing the Organization’s training and learning policy which is based on the principle that staff development is an ongoing process and priority and a critical investment for the future, for which the Organization, its managers and staff all share responsibility.

Staff members must play their part to develop and maintain their skills and competencies. Whatever their grade level or breadth of experience and whether a senior manager with years of service, or a recent recruit, all staff will find programmes appropriate to their needs.

CLM runs more than 700 courses for more than 10 000 participants each year in the main areas of language training, management and communication, information technology as well as conducting testing and examination for recruitment.

CLM offers the opportunity to participate in training programmes on a range of subjects including management, supervision, communication, career support, negotiation and information technology to staff of the UN Secretariat, Agencies and Funds based in Geneva.

For further information, please check the "Centre for Learning and Multigualism at UNOG" website.

Language courses in the six official languages of the United Nations

Language courses are offered in the six official languages of the United Nations. A full description of the language training programme and self-study opportunities is available on the "Centre for Learning and Multigualism at UNOG" website.

For the eligibility criteria for language courses click here. Some participants of the Language Training programme are accepted on a fee-paying basis, for more information click here.

For further information, contact the language training secretariat at the following e-mail address: clm_language@un.org

Knowledge and Learning Commons

The Knowledge and Learning Commons, a joint venture between CLM and te UNOG Library, is a space of learning opportunities and knowledge exchange for United Nations staff and the diplomatic community in Geneva. It brings together the functions of the Library and of CLM to offer a flexible, physical, and virtual environment for learning and working together.
The Knowledge and Learning Commons aims to encourage innovation and creativity by facilitating discussion, creation and collaboration on a variety of topics and issues.
The activities of the Knowledge and Learning Commons include:
  • Interactive lectures
  • Workshops and strategy sessions
  • Film screenings
  • Skills-based courses

For further information about the Commons check the website https://commons.ungeneva.org/ or send an email to: commons@un.org.