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This year, the theme of “change” runs like a red thread through our report. Our 72-year-old organization must transform itself to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. It must re-evaluate its priorities, re-examine the way it functions and rediscover its core mission. Change is the driving force behind the ambitious reforms of the United Nations spearheaded by Secretary-General António Guterres. These reforms will ensure better prevention of conflicts, support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and make our Organization more responsive to the needs of those it serves.

UN Geneva has embraced the spirit of reform, recognizing that only by adapting to an ever-changing world, and doing so in a truly collaborative manner, can we continue to efficiently serve the international community. At a time of pervasive mistrust in public institutions, UN Geneva is embracing openness and finding new ways to disseminate the vital message of the United Nations. To protect and build upon the hard-won gains of the past, UN Geneva is looking to the future, investing in its infrastructure, staff and assets.

Continuing in the spirit of last year’s award-winning product, this Annual Report is innovative in its interactive content which highlights the impact and relevance of our collective action.

Take a look at UN Geneva and you(th), an engaging annual report written for younger audiences. This interactive publication showcases the many youth initiatives offered by UN Geneva and how the work of the United Nations impacts the lives of everyone on this planet. An app version can also be downloaded from the UNOG Kiosk on the App Store or Google Play.