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International Geneva Gender Champions Network

The United Nations Offices in Geneva
the United States of America Mission’s Future She Deserves initiative


International Geneva Gender Champions

International Geneva Gender Champions

Gender equality is essential for us to achieve peace, rights and well-being for all. Yet, far too often inequalities in the participation and voice of women and men prevent us from reaching our shared goals. Real change requires greater visibility at the highest levels, sustained through concrete actions that make a real difference in our daily work.

With its broad range of actors and a tradition for inclusive partnerships, International Geneva provides the ideal platform for stronger action to promote gender equality.


Against this background, the United Nations Offices in Geneva and the U.S. Mission’s Future She Deserves initiative will bring together committed leaders to serve as International Geneva Gender Champions for gender equality.

The network draws on the Future She Deserves and the United Nations System-wide Action Plan on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-SWAP), and reinforces other International Geneva initiatives to facilitate strong cross-cutting links for the greatest possible impact.

By connecting institutions and individuals in a new constellation, the network will enable a deeper level of engagement where gender equality and diversity become the norm.


All International Geneva Gender Champions commit to:
  • Signing up to the Geneva Gender Parity Pledge that aims to strive for gender parity in all discussions in International Geneva;
  • Undertaking two additional concrete, measurable, accountable institutional actions in the calendar year to advance gender equality, either in the executive management of the organization or in programmatic work. As the objective of the network is to engage senior leadership and elevate awareness, the actions may be drawn from strategy documents or work plans for the organization. Existing work can be made more visible with a view to strengthening ongoing efforts, or new initiatives can be launched specifically for the network;
  • Highlighting the network on their respective home pages, and to reporting annual results and progress on the organization’s website;
  • Participating in an annual meeting of the network to exchange experience and strategize on how to further advance and embed gender equality.

Speech by the Director General

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