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Leon Tolstoï (1828-1910) at the villa "Le Bocage" - April, May, June and July 1857

« Bocage est un délice …»
(Lev Nikolaïevitch Tolstoï, Friday 10 April 1857)

When Leon Tolstoï made his first voyage to Western Europe, in 1857, he was not yet twenty-nine years old. He had just left the imperial army and broken off his engagement with Valérie Arseniev, so that he could dedicate his life to literature : « Ma carrière, ce sont les Lettres. Écrire, écrire ! » ("My career is in literature. Writing, writing!").

During his journey in Switzerland, he came about ten times to the villa "Le Bocage" to meet two of his cousins, mainly the youngest one, the countess Alexandra Andreïevna Tolstaïa.

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