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Intersessional Work

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Recognizing the fundamental importance of enhancing international cooperation, assistance and exchange in biological sciences and technology for peaceful purposes, the Seventh Review Conference decided that the topic of cooperation and assistance, with a particular focus on strengthening cooperation and assistance under Article X, would be one of three Standing Agenda Items. These Standing Agenda Items are addressed at both the Meeting of Experts and Meeting of States Parties that are part of the 2012–2015 intersessional programme. Topics of discussion under this agenda item include:

  • A range of specific measures for the full and comprehensive implementation of Article X taking into account all of its provisions
  • Challenges and obstacles to developing international cooperation, assistance and exchange in the biological sciences and technology
  • Ways and means to target and mobilize resources to address gaps and needs for assistance and cooperation
  • Means to develop human resources in the biological sciences through education, training, exchange and twinning programmes, particularly in developing countries
  • Capacity-building through international cooperation in biosafety and biosecurity, and for detecting, reporting, and responding to outbreaks of infectious disease or biological weapons attacks, including in the areas of preparedness, response, and crisis management and mitigation
  • Coordination of cooperation with other relevant international and regional organizations and other relevant stakeholders