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Cooperation with Research and Academic Institutions

The impact of the United Nations’ efforts depends on quality of the data and analysis that inform decisions. Policies must be underpinned by comprehensive and cutting-edge research. In line with the Secretary-General’s reform efforts, the Director-General contributes to facilitating partnerships between the research and academic community and the United Nations family.

In cooperation with partners, including the United Nations University, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research and the University for Peace, he also acts as an interface between research and policy entities within the United Nations system. These efforts contribute towards ensuring that policy and decision-making is based on detailed analysis and takes into account the broadest possible range of perspectives.

Geneva, in particular, and Switzerland as a whole are home to a wide range of research and academic institutions with particular analytical expertise in areas of relevance to the work of the United Nations. The Office of the Director-General maintains dialogues with these Geneva and Swiss-based entities to stimulate research and debate that may serve policy planning within the Organizations as well as its partners.

Through joint seminars and other events as well as publications that encourage exchange across institutional and thematic boundaries, UNOG contributes to distilling and disseminating ideas that may help towards realizing the aims of the United Nations.