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The Palais des Nations

How to become a tour guide

Please be informed that we no longer take applications for 2014.

The selection criteria to apply for the position of Tour Guide at the Visitors’ Service of UNOG is the following:

1. Candidates must be at least 21 years old.

2. Candidates need to possess a Bachelor’s degree.

3. Candidates need to possess a valid residence permit.

4. Candidates need to be trilingual (French, English and at least one other language)

5. Candidates must be interested in the history and activities of the United Nations.

Candidates will need to take a written examination about the history and the activities of the United Nations and the United Nations Office at Geneva. The examination can be taken in French or in English (a text is given to prepare for the examination).

In a second phase, successful candidates will be asked to come in for an oral examination during which substantive questions will be asked and the languages will be tested.

We will post application dates for 2015 towards September 2014.

Thank you.