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NGO Resources and Services Centre

The NGO Resources and Services Center at the Palais des Nations is available for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to conduct activities that respect the principles of the United Nations Charter and are restricted to non-commercial ends.

NGOs having consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), as well as those associated with Department Public Information, will be given priority concerning the use of the Centre.

The Center comprises of a cyberspace (computers with Internet connection and facilities for wireless connection), a reading area with documents for consultation and a meeting area for groups of up to 15 persons.

The meeting area is primarily reserved for meetings or consultations related to the activities of NGOs having ECOSOC consultative status or with DPI association.

This facility can be reserved by completing the attached reservation form and sending it signed by email to the NGO Liaison Unit at ungeneva.ngoliaison@unog.ch.

Members of NGOs and other visiting groups may neither conduct nor chair public briefings in the Center.

The NGO Liaison Unit reminds visitors that the Center cannot be used to hold private meetings. The Center must remain open to all NGOs during meetings.

NGOs organizing meetings in the NGO Center are exclusively responsible for them.

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