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Cyberspace and Reading Rooms Regulations

Multiple reading rooms and cyberspaces (on the first and third floors) are available to Library users. Library staff will guide researchers in their research.

  • The cyberspace in Room B.127 on the first floor is reserved for diplomats and Permanent Missions staff.
  • Bags, etc. are allowed in the Library at the discretion of the Librarian and on condition that the Security and Safety Section may inspect them if required.
  • Users are responsible for their personal belongings and should not leave any valuables unattended. The Library does not take any responsibility in case of property theft.
  • As cyberspaces and reading rooms are official working areas, proper decorum is required.
  • Silence must be respected as reading rooms are areas designated for research and quiet study. Mobile phones are not to be used in the cyberspaces or reading rooms and should be switched to silent mode.
  • Office telephones in the cyberspaces and reading rooms are reserved exclusively for the use of Library staff members. A public telephone is available on the ground floor.
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking (with the exception of bottled water) in the cyperspaces and reading rooms is not allowed.

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