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Please note that all resources should be used solely for official purposes. It is strictly forbidden to store or redistribute the contents beyond personal use. It is also strictly prohibited to copy or download an entire issue or issues of a journal from these resources. Any breach of these terms will result in the immediate termination of all access by the provider.
We therefore kindly ask that UN colleagues and other Library clients be responsible users of copyrighted material.

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Your library provides access to many online databases. The majority of these databases are accessible from all workstations within the Palais des Nations. Specialized librarians are available in all reading rooms to assist users with their research.

  • Africa Confidential
    Online full text edition of Africa Confidential. Fortnightly analysis of political and economic developments and a forecast of both general trends and specific events in Africa (with occasional special supplements).
    Coverage: 1999+. Access: If a registration form appears, please fill it in.
  • posts more than 1000 new stories daily, in English and French, and offers multi-lingual video streaming, along with a searchable archive of over 900,000 articles (This includes the archive of Africa News Service dating back to 1997.) The site presents content from 130 African news organizations.
    Database helpsheet
  • Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals
    Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals provides the full text of decisions of the ICTY, ICTR, The Special Court for Sierra Leone, The International Criminal Tribunal for Timor-Leste and the ICC; selected cases are summarized and annotated by experts in the field of international criminal law. The collection can be searched by court or tribunal, case number, name of the accused, volume, author of the commentary, keyword, and/or date.
  • Armed Conflict Database
    The Armed Conflict Database, produced by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), is an interactive source of information on armed conflicts and terrorism worldwide. The database provides information on refugees and returnees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), weapons used, fatalities, historical backgrounds, annual updates, and timelines. Users can generate custom reports and download data.
  • Brill E-Books: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Collection (2009)
    Human Rights and Humanitarian Law E-Books is the electronic version of the book publication program of Martinus Nijhoff Publishers in the broad field of human rights and humanitarian law. Coverage: Human Rights – Refugee Law – Immigration Law – Health Law – Children’s Rights – Minority and Group Rights – Humanitarian Law – International Criminal Law.
    UNOG Library has purchased access to titles published in 2009.
  • Brill E-Books: International Law Collection (2009)
    International Law E-Books Online is the electronic version of the book publication program of Martinus Nijhoff Publishers in the broad field of international law. Coverage: Public International Law – Law of the Sea – International Trade Law – International Labour Law – Environmental Law – European Law – International Relations – International Organizations – Terrorism – Legal History – Islamic Law.
    UNOG Library has purchased access to titles published in 2009.
  • Brill E-Books: Social Sciences Collection (2009)
    Social Sciences E-Books Online is the electronic version of the book publication program of Brill Publishers in the fields of Social Sciences. Coverage : Sociology, Social Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Critical Sociology, Comparative Studies, African Studies.
    UNOG Library has purchased access to titles published in 2009.
    French language database covering the humanities and social sciences. Allows searching and provides access to abstracts of 150 journals. Full-text access to 58 journals including Economie internationale, Mondes en développement and Revue internationale de droit économique.
  • Chicago Manual of Style Online
    The bible of the publishing and research community, completely searchable and easy to use, provides quick answers to style and editing questions. Incorporates the popular Chicago Style Q&A and also provides convenient Tools, such as sample forms, letters, and style sheets. For help citing sources, visit the Quick Guide to see clear examples of how to use Chicago-style citation.
    Access: ID and Password required. Contact
  • Collected Courses (The Hague Academy)
    Since 1923 The Hague Academy of International Law organizes prestigious post-university summer courses in private international law and public international law. The courses are published in the book series "The Hague Academy Collected Courses", now comprising over 320 volumes. This comprehensive online version includes full-text search.
  • Constitutions of the Countries of the World (Oceana)
    Constitutions of the Countries of the World online offers access to 188 country constitutions with extensive expert commentary from leading scholars worldwide. It includes original English translations and users can search for topics across all nations.
  • DOAJ
    Directory of Open Access Journals.
    Directory of over 2000 free, full text scientific and scholarly journals.
  • EconLit
    EconLit indexes and abstracts more than 550 international economic journals. EconLit source material includes journal articles, essays, research papers, books, dissertations, book reviews, and working papers. The database contains more than 350,000 records and covers subjects from accounting, consumer economics, monetary policy, labor, marketing, demographics, modeling, economic theory, planning, and more.
    Coverage : 1969+
  • Economist Intelligence Unit
    A set of databases on international business intelligence prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit: China Hand, Country Commerce, CountryData, Country Finance, Country Forecast, Country Monitor, Country Profile, Country Report, Executive Briefing, Global Outlook, Risk Briefing, ViewsWire, World Commodity Forecasts and Worldwide Regulatory Update. Provides continuously updated, comprehensive analysis of political and economic trends, global outlook on macroeconomics, risk and executive briefings, international business newsletters, statistical tables of historical data, and more, on nearly 200 countries. Also provides access to The Economist, European Voice and Roll Call: The Newspaper of Capitol Hill since 1955.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit - Country Data
    Economist Intelligence Unit - Country Data is a database of annual, quarterly and monthly economic indicators and forecasts. It gives you access to 317 series on 150 countries and 45 regional aggregates, running from 1980 and forecasting out five years. For the 60 most important markets, key variables are additionally projected to 2030.
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
    Includes the complete text of the online version of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, Britannica Book of the Year and Timeline Browse. Includes more than 130,000 links to the web sites selected by Britannica editors. Updated continually.
  • Encyclopaedia Universalis
    Online access to the contents of the 28 volume French-language encyclopedia, a world atlas and a French-language internet search engine. Updated weekly.
  • Encyclopédie de l’État du monde
    This historical, economic and geopolitical encyclopedia combines the archives of the yearbook l'État du monde, the Dictionnaire historique et géopolitique du XXe siècle and the Nouvel état du Monde. This tool gives access to historical information for each country and region, maps, chronologies, and bibliographic references. The history of the 20th century is illustrated by thematic files, encyclopaedic articles and a world timeline. Also available: analytical articles on international relations, new international challenges and statistical data by country and by region.
  • Factiva
    News and business information from 152 countries in 22 languages. Includes key news wires: Dow Jones, Reuters, Associated Press, Asia Pulse, Agence France Presse, etc.); key newspapers: same-day and archival coverage of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, Financial Times; key TV & radio transcripts: BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, NPR; key general business and industry publications: The Economist, Forbes, Newsweek, Business Week, L'Express, Far Eastern Economic Review, etc. Coverage varies by source.
    Accessible from all UNOG Library workstations. Please ask your Librarian for the ID and Password.
  • Foreign Law Guide
    Foreign Law Guide provides essential information on the primary and secondary sources of foreign law for more than 170 jurisdictions (States, crown colonies, semi-independent states and regional organizations). Comprehensive in content and global in scope, it contains exhaustive links within the work and to many URLs on the world level.
  • Le Grand Robert
    Le Grand Robert de la langue française provides the entire 6 volumes of the latest print edition of this prestigious work. Enriched with numerous editorial additions and new features, it is the largest contemporary dictionary of the French language. Le Grand Robert online contains 100,000 entries, 350,000 definitions, spellings, etymologies, usage, literary citations, and conjugations of all verbs.
  • HeinOnline
    HeinOnline is a full text archive of U.S. and Canadian law journals. The emphasis is on historical material that has not previously been available online or accessible through online indexes. Although HeinOnline already contains substantial holdings, new titles are constantly being added and the depth of coverage is being expanded over time. It is possible to browse the archive's contents or search by keyword. There is also a "citation navigator" to assist in finding articles directly from a citation. All material is available as a high quality image of the original document.
    Database helpsheet
  • Index to foreign legal periodicals
    The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals provides access to legal literature worldwide, covering all forms of foreign (non-Anglo-American) law. This includes comparative law and legal systems, such as Islamic law; socialist law; public and private international law; and transnational commercial law. The data is not limited by country of publication, but rather type of publication. The types of documents covered include journal articles, congress reports, essay collections, yearbooks, and book reviews. The database encompasses all languages. Materials in Greek, Cyrillic, and East Asian vernacular are Romanized according to Library of Congress standards. Arabic and Hebrew titles are translated into English or French.
    Coverage : 1985+
  • IngentaConnect
    IngentaConnect offers one of the most comprehensive collections of academic and professional research articles online - some 20 million articles from 30,000 publications, including 10,000 online. This resource can be used primarily to find abstracts and citations. Full-text access is given to journals the UNOG Library subscribes to, including African and Asian Studies, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, IDS Bulletin, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy and Strategic Survey.
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences
    The International Bibliography of the Social Sciences contains over 2.5 million references from an international selection of publications including over 2800 journals indexed and 7000 books added yearly. IBSS focuses mainly on the four core social science disciplines: anthropology, politics, economics and sociology. It also covers a number of interdisciplinary subjects, such as development studies, human geography and environment, and gender studies.
    Coverage : 1951+
    Database helpsheet
  • International Law Reports (Justis)
    International Law Reports is a database devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts. Covers all significant cases of public international law since 1919 and on a wide range of topics such as state and diplomatic immunity, treaties between states, war and terrorism. Registered users can save searches, subscribe to e-alerts and RSS feeds.
    Access: Users have to register online in order to receive a "personal user id".
  • International Security and Counter Terrorism
    This database offers information on different dimensions of security & counter-terrorism and is designed to inform the analysis process, as well as enhance the general understanding of security and terrorism-related issues. Content includes full text journals, news feeds, reports, summaries, books, blogs, FAQs, and proprietary Background Information Summaries that pertain to terrorism and security.
    JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization with a dual mission to create and maintain a trusted archive of important scholarly journals, and to provide access to these journals as widely as possible. Content in JSTOR spans many disciplines, primarily in the humanities and social sciences. For complete lists of titles and collections, please refer to Currently Available Collections and Journals.
    Coverage : begins with volume one of each title and continues to within 0-10 years of the present.
    Database helpsheet
  • Latin American Newsletters
    Latin American Newsletters provides updates on economic trends and events impacting on the countries of Latin America. The Weekly Report is widely recognised as a "must read" publication on developments in the region (bilingual, English-Spanish). Latin American Economy and Business consists of a monthly survey of economic trends and events impacting on the countries of Latin America and includes quarterly economic forecasts. Latinnews Daily provides a daily service for those who need to monitor and understand Latin American developments.
  • Lexis
    Accessible from all UNOG Library workstations. Please ask your Librarian for the ID and Password. Full text database which provides access to over 10,000 news, business and legal publications. Includes more than 50 major English-language newspapers as well as non-English language news sources; broadcast transcripts from the major television networks and wire services. Law sources available include: case law and legislation from around the world and articles from over 600 law journals; U.S. Supreme Court decisions from 1790 to present and all U.S. Federal laws from 1988 to present.
    Database helpsheets, QuickCard, QuickReference
  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
    This online version represents a new edition of the Encyclopedia of Public International Law that was published between 1991 and 2001. Nearly all topics are being rewritten and many new topics included in order to capture the latest developments in international law. The intention is that the Encyclopedia will be a work that reflects international law from a global perspective while taking into account regional perspectives. The authors of the articles are legal scholars and practitioners from all over the world.
  • MetaPress
    MetaPress provides access to 20,466 scholarly publications from 97 leading publishers. Selected full-text access is provided to journals UNOG Library subscribes to, including European Journal of Population/Revue européenne de Démographie, Journal of Economic Growth and Russian Politics and Law.
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts
    The NCJRS is an information clearinghouse for people around the U.S. and the world involved with research, policy, and practice related to criminal and juvenile justice, and drug control. The NCJRS Abstracts Database contains summaries of over 189,000 U.S. and international publications, including federal, state, and local government reports, books, research reports, journal articles, audiovisual presentations, and unpublished research.
    Coverage : 1970+
    Database helpsheet
    OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) is the first international Open Access project in the area of scholarly book publishing and is supported by the European Union. The OAPEN Library offers free full-text access to a growing collection of peer-reviewed academic books in the Humanities and Social Sciences from universities and university presses across Europe.
  • OECD iLibrary
    OECD iLibrary is the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's online library for books, journals, working papers and statistics and serves as the gateway to OECD analysis and data. (It replaces SourceOECD, which will continue to be accessible until al required functionalities on the iLibrary are available.) Users can download selected titles in PDF or HTML format or download statistics in HTML, XLS or CSV formats. OECD iLibrary contains all publications and datasets released by OECD, International Energy Agency (IEA), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), and International Transport Forum (ITF) since 1998.
    Database helpsheet
  • Oxford Analytica
    Access to OA's Daily Brief Services (Articles and Executive Summaries) analyzing geopolitical, economic, social, business and industrial developments around the world and foreseeing the strategic implications of "macro" developments" on a global as well as regional basis (Europe, Russia/CIS, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East/Africa). Searchable by country or topic, by title or freetext, and/or a combination.
    Coverage : 1984-present (varies by country).
    Access: ID and Password required. Contact
    Database helpsheet
  • Oxford Dictionaries Pro
    Oxford Dictionaries Pro is a current English language resource. It contains dictionaries, thesauruses, and language reference and offers quick search access to definitions of words, phrases, and idioms. It offers guidance on style and usage, grammar, and spelling; plus specialist guides for legal and technical writing. Guided tour
  • Oxford English Dictionary
    The new Oxford English Dictionary Online, provides access to the material contained in the 20-volume Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary and the 3 volumes of Additions, as well as quarterly releases of at least 1000 new and revised entries.
  • Oxford Journals
    Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press, publishes academic and research journals covering a broad range of subject areas, such as economics, law, and refugee studies. UNOG Library’s Oxford Journal subscriptions include: African affairs, Cambridge Journal of Economics, European journal of international law, Human rights law review, International Journal of Refugee Law, Journal of Economic Geography, Journal of Refugee Studies, and Refugee Survey Quarterly.
  • Oxford Language Dictionaries Online
    Oxford Language Dictionaries Online offers fully searchable, completely comprehensive bilingual dictionaries: Chinese-English; English-Chinese; French-English; English-French; German-English; English-German; Italian-English; English-Italian; Russian-English; English-Russian; Spanish-English; English-Spanish). Guided tour
  • Oxford Reference Online
    A cross-searchable database of over 100 of Oxford's central English and bilingual dictionaries, usage, quotations, and subject reference books. Online texts are updated after new editions of the print monographs are published. View all subjects and titles.
  • Oxford Reports on International Law
    Oxford Reports on International Law brings together decisions on public international law from international courts and tribunals, domestic courts and ad hoc tribunals. The full scope of international case law is available and accompanied by expert analysis. It consists of four modules: Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts, Oxford Reports on International Criminal Law, Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Decisions, Oxford Reports on International Courts of General Jurisdiction. Search options include full text, keyword, date of decisions, jurisdiction and ILDC citation.
  • PAIS International
    PAIS International is an important index to political, economic, and social issues in current debate. The database covers the public and social policy literature of business, economics, finance, law, international relations, public administration, government, political science, and other social sciences -- with emphasis on issues that are or might become the subjects of legislation. PAIS International includes publications from over 120 countries throughout the world. In addition to English, some of the indexed materials are published in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
    Coverage : 1972+
    Database helpsheet
  • Persée
    Gives access to 20 full-text journals in the French language covering the humanities and social sciences. Established by the Ministry of State Education, Higher Education and Research (France). Journals include Politique étrangère, Revue française de science politique and Revue internationale de droit comparé.
    Coverage : beginning of journal
  • Le Petit Robert
    Le nouveau Petit Robert is an everyday tool for proper usage of the French language. This online dictionary contains 60,000 entries, 300,000 definitions, etymologies, and phonetic transcriptions. It also contains quotes, examples and expressions, homonyms and conjugation of 6,500 verbs.
  • ProQuest Central
    ProQuest Central is a web-based interface providing indexing, abstracting, and selected full-text access to records in 27 major databases. Altogether, ProQuest covers 8272 magazines, journals, newspapers and newsletters.
    Coverage : dates vary by source; generally periodicals indexed back to 1971 with full-text back to 1988; newspapers indexed back to 1989 with full-text back to 1995.
    Database helpsheet
  • Redalyc
    Redalyc is an open-access online repository of scientific journals produced in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. Launched by the Universidad Autónoma de Estado de México, this portal aims to increase the visibility of scientific research produced by and about these regions. Redalyc allows users to find full-text articles in social sciences, humanities, natural and exact sciences. Users can browse sources by topic, title and country; search for articles by keyword, author or title. This collection of periodicals in Spanish language is enlarged with some English titles.
  • Refworld
    Refworld is the leading source of information necessary for taking quality decisions on refugee status. Refworld contains a vast collection of reports relating to situations in countries of origin, policy documents and positions, and documents relating to international and national legal frameworks. The information has been carefully selected and compiled from UNHCR's global network of field offices, Governments, international, regional and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and judicial bodies. Daily updates. Create a user profile in order to save searches or documents and set up email alerts.
    FAQs & Help
  • is a French portal of humanities and social sciences journals, focusing on history, political science, sociology, linguistics and literature. Access is free. The majority of publications are in French, but journals published outside of France and in other languages are included as well. The titles are published by research institutions, university presses and private publishers and are selected by an academic council. Of special interest are Calenda (a French research calendar that includes close to 9’000 events related to humanities and social sciences) and In-extenso (French search engine that provides free access to research articles and Internet sites).
  • Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
    SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database containing abstracts on over 220,200 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic Paper Collection currently containing over 179,800 downloadable full text documents in pdf format.
    Access: create your own free account in order to view full-text papers.
  • Social Services Abstracts
    CSA Social Services Abstracts provides bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development. The database abstracts and indexes over 1,300+ serials publications and includes abstracts of journal articles and dissertations, and citations to book reviews.
    Coverage : 1979+
  • Sociological Abstracts
    CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers. Records published by Sociological Abstracts in print during the database's first 11 years, 1952-1962, have been added to the database as of November 2005, extending the depth of the backfile of this authoritative resource.
    Coverage : 1952+
  • Source OECD
    SourceOECD has been replaced by OECD iLibrary but will continue to be accessible until all required functionalities on the iLibrary are available. OECD iLibrary is the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's online library for books, journals, working papers and statistics and serves as the gateway to OECD analysis and data. Users can download selected titles in PDF or HTML format or download statistics in HTML, XLS or CSV formats. OECD iLibrary contains all publications and datasets released by OECD, International Energy Agency (IEA), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), and International Transport Forum (ITF) since 1998.
  • The Statesman’s Yearbook
    The Statesman’s Yearbook features extensive updated profiles on every country in the world. Each profile includes a concise geographic, historic, economic, political, social and cultural overview of the country together with essential statistics. It includes detailed maps of all 194 countries, biographic profiles of all current leaders, links to key national websites and access to the complete archive from 1864.
  • Strany mira segodnia = Countries of the world today
    Provides data on the geographical location of a country, on the state system, bodies of legislative and executive authority, parliament composition, government ministers, local bodies of authority, political parties and trade unions, mass media. Tables of regional international organizations, currency units, names of parliaments, capitals, national holidays.
    Language: Russian. All names are accompanied by native language spelling.
    Сведения о географическом положении стран, государственном устройстве, законодательной и исполнительной власти, партийном составе парламента, поименном составе правительства, о местных органах самоуправления, политических партиях и профсоюзах, средствах массовой информации. Сводные таблицы: страны-члены ООН, международные организации региона, денежные единицы, названия парламентов, столицы государств, национальные праздники. Все имена и названия сопровождаются написанием на иностранном языке.
    Access: ID and Password required. Contact
  • Stratfor
    Provides confidential strategic forecasting and custom intelligence analysis and forecasting of existing or potential competitive and security threats that companies or nation-states may face in specific markets or regions. Individuals may also sign up for these free newsletters by Stratfor: Geopolitical Intelligence Report, Terrorism Intelligence Report and Public Policy Intelligence Report. Click here to register.
  • Taylor and Francis Online
    Taylor and Francis Online provides access to all journals and database products from Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Psychology Press. Full-text access is given to journals the UNOG Library subscribes to, including Adelphi Papers, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Survival and Third World Quarterly.
  • TERMIUM Plus
    Termium Plus is the Government of Canada's linguistic database containing bilingual records (English/French) for terminology, proper names and translation problems. Contains many specialized terms not typically found in standard bilingual dictionaries. Includes approximately three million English and French terms and names, as well as over 70,000 Spanish terms.
  • Transnational and Non-State Armed Groups
    Created by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva and the Programme on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR) at Harvard University, this database aims to fill the gap in comprehensive analyses of the characteristics of transnational and non-state armed groups. It provides primers on the features of non-state armed groups operating in all regions of the world. Each primer analyses the origins, objectives, structure, leadership and funding of each non-state armed group studied, as well as the status of its armed operations. The project aims to develop innovative legal and policy responses to cope with these phenomena.
  • Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)
    Portal devoted to all aspects of commercial and investment arbitration (legal, political, business etc.). Includes TDM Journal, academic articles, collection of laws, regulations, contracts, guidelines, treaties, tribunal/court awards in the field of investment arbitration. It also gives access to OGEMID forum debating issues related to oil, gas and energy infrastructure.
  • Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory
    Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory is a bibliographic database providing detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative information on serials published throughout the world. It covers all subjects, and includes publications that are published regularly or irregularly and are circulated free of charge or by paid subscription.
  • UN Data
    UN Data aims to bring UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point, allowing them to search and download a variety of statistical information on various topics including population, industry, energy, refugees, human development and MDGs. Users can access a large number of UN databases containing over 55 million data points either by browsing the data series or through a keyword search. Useful features include country profiles, advanced search options and several glossaries. New databases and features are regularly added.
  • UN Juridical Yearbook
    Published by the UN Office of Legal Affairs since 1963, the Yearbook reviews legal developments of the UN and related intergovernmental organizations and includes information on national legislation and treaties concerning the legal status of the UN and related organizations, a general review of their legal activities, texts of multilateral treaties, summaries of select decisions of their administrative tribunals and of legal opinions of the UN Office of Legal Affairs, information on decisions of international courts and tribunals, etc.
  • UN Legal Publications Global Search
    The UN Legal Publications Global Search enables researchers to simultaneously search multiple sources of UN documentation. Resources accessible through the Global Search tool include: Proceedings of Diplomatic Conferences; Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs; Repertoire of Practice of the Security Council; Reports of International Arbitral Awards; Summaries of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders of the International Court of Justice; the UN Juridical Yearbook; the UNCITRAL Yearbook; UNCITRAL publications; and the Yearbook of the International Law Commission.
  • UN Treaty Collection
    UN Treaty Collection offers a comprehensive database of international treaties and related information.
  • Wiley Interscience
    Blackwell Synergy content is now available through Wiley Interscience. Selected full-text access is available to journals including Development Policy Review, Disasters, Foreign Policy Analysis, The Political Quarterly and The World Economy.
  • Wilson Index to legal periodicals and books
    Wilson Wilson Index to Legal Periodicals and Books is a bibliographic database that cites articles from legal periodicals and indexes law books. Coverage includes law reviews, bar association journals, university publications, yearbooks, institutes, monographs in the area of jurisprudence, and government publications published in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Wilson Index to Legal Periodicals and Books covers materials published since 1982.
  • World Bank Africa Development Indicators
    Contains over 1,400 indicators and time series from 1965 for 53 countries where data available. Data include social, economic, financial, natural resources, infrastructure, governance, partnership, and environmental indicators.
  • World Bank e-Library
    The World Bank e-Library is an online, fully cross-searchable portal of over 4,000 World Bank documents. The collection consists of over 1,600 World Bank publications and over 2,400 Policy Research Working Papers, plus each new book and paper as they are published.
  • World Bank Global Economic Monitor
    GEM provides daily, monthly and quarterly updates of global economic developments, with coverage of high income- as well as developing countries. GEM also provides monthly briefs of topical issues including: High income countries (United States, Japan, Euro Area), Industrial production, High-tech markets, International trade, Commodity prices, International finance, Currencies and Focus topic (ad hoc, event driven).
  • World Bank International Debt Statistics / Global Development Finance Online
    International Debt Statistics (IDS) formerly known as Global Development Finance (GDF) provides external debt and financial flows statistics for countries that report public and publicly-guaranteed debt under the World Bank's Debtor Reporting System (DRS).
    Coverage : Data run from 1970 for most reporting countries.
  • World Bank World Development Indicators
    World Development Indicators Online (WDI) provides direct access to more than 700 development indicators, with time series for 208 countries and 18 country groups.
    Coverage : 1960+
  • World Bank World Development Reports
    The Complete World Development Report Online offers free access to the complete collection of reports published by the World Bank since 1978. Users can run full-text searches across all reports, browse by title and by topic, and access the data and research behind the reports (including the World Development Indicators and the critical background papers since 2005). Users can register for a free individual account (MyWDR) to save search results, create a custom e-book with selected chapters, and even to create notes. FAQs
  • World News Digest (Facts on File)
    World News Digest brings together and enhances nearly seven decades of news. This archival record of domestic and international news is updated twice weekly. It covers all major political, social, and economic events and includes maps, charts, graphs, and historic photographs, in-depth coverage guides, almanac and encyclopedia.
  • Yearbook of International Organizations
    The online version of the Yearbook of International Organizations provides comprehensive coverage of non-profit international organizations, including detailed and up-to-date profiles of more than 65000 international non-governmental (INGOs) and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) in 300 countries and territories. In addition to obtaining contact details and information about the aims, activities, publications, and events of each organization; researchers can use this database search for organizations by geographic location or field of activity. The Yearbook also presents statistical analysis and a Who’s Who of key people involved in particular fields of international civil society.
  • Yearbook of the International Law Commission
    The Yearbook is the authoritative source of the documentation of the Commission. Volume I of the Yearbook contains the summary records of the meetings of the Commission and volume II reproduces the principal documents, including the annual report of the Commission to the General Assembly. The Yearbook is published in English (since 1949), French (since 1956), Spanish (since 1956), Russian (since 1969), Arabic (since 1982) and Chinese (since 1989).
  • Yearbook of the United Nations
    The Yearbook is the principal reference work of the United Nations and provides a detailed overview of the Organization's activities. Each Yearbook is fully indexed and includes all major General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council resolutions. The complete collection (1946-2005) is available here. Search options include full text through the complete collection or a specific period.

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