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Loan Regulations

Loans can be made to:

  • Staff of the United Nations and former staff of the United Nations living in Geneva and neighboring France (this does not include staff or former staff of the specialized agencies)
  • UN interns and consultants
  • Representatives of the Permanent Missions in Geneva
  • Journalists accredited to the United Nations Office at Geneva
  • United Nations System Libraries
  • Public, university and special Swiss libraries and, exceptionally, major libraries in neighbouring countries
Users belonging to the External users category and NGOs representatives cannot borrow materials. They may consult materials on the Library premises only.

Loan process:
  • For each publication a loan request must be submitted. Online loan requests are available. Please contact the Loans Desk (B.121) for information.
  • Users can have a maximum of twenty publications on loan at one time.
  • In case of urgent need, Library staff can recall a book or document at any time.
  • Users are required to handle borrowed publications with care and return them before or on the due date. Overdue publications must be returned promptly upon receipt of the Library’s notice.
  • Users who fail to return or lose borrowed publications have to replace them at their own expense to preserve the integrity of the Library’s collections

Categories for loan and duration:
  • Monographs and bound volumes of periodicals: one month, renewable.
  • Monographs located in the Statistical (ST), Economic, Social, and Statistics (ES), Legal and Political (LP) Reading Rooms and marked as “Available for loan” in the Library online catalogue: two weeks, renewable only once.
  • UN sales & UN symboled publications: one month, renewable only once.

Categories not for loan:
  • Volumes that are marked as “Not for loan” in the Library online catalogue (e.g. dictionaries, encyclopaedias, textbooks, manuals, loose-leafs, reference materials, etc.)
  • United Nations masthead documents.
  • Loose issues of periodicals; newspapers and journals in the Periodicals (PE) Reading Room; bound periodicals in the Economic, Social, and Statistics (ES) and Legal and Political (LP) Reading Rooms.
  • Unbound newspapers, gazettes, official journals, oversize periodicals and those in provisionally bound formats.
  • “Rare” books, which must be consulted in Room B.121 by the Loans Desk; for some, only the Chief Librarian can authorize their usage..

Interlibrary loans:
  • Interlibrary loans, which involve special costs to the Organization, are only processed for UN staff or members of the Permanent Missions in Geneva and must be directly related to their official research work.
  • Books published prior to 1945 are excluded from interlibrary loan.
  • Monographs located in the Economic, Social, and Statistics (ES) and Legal and Political (LP) Reading Rooms are also excluded from interlibrary loan.

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