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12 February 2016WHO Press ConferenceWHO is currently mapping existing R&D for Zika in order to prioritize medical products and approaches that should be fast-tracked into development.
Until today, most research that could be useful for Zika has been carried out on other flaviviruses – such as dengue or yellow fever.
WHO’s R&D efforts on Zika are part of the overall work on a roadmap – the R&D Blueprint - for better R&D preparedness based on the experience of the R&D work carried out during the Ebola outbreak.
  • Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General, Health Systems and Innovation, WHO WHO
  • 11 February 2016UNISDR Press ConferenceThe Human Cost of the Hottest Year on Record: Disasters in 2015
  • Robert Glasser, Head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)
  • Debarati Guha-Sapir, Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of DisastersISDR
  • 8 February 2016OHCHR/Human Rights Council Press ConferenceLaunch of new report from the Commission: “Out of sight, out of mind: Deaths in detention in the Syrian Arab Republic”. In the Syrian Arab Republic, massive and systematised violence – including the killing of detainees in official and makeshift detention centres – has taken place out of sight, far from the battlefield. This paper examines the killing of detainees, on all sides of the conflict, occurring between 10 March 2011 and 30 November 2015. This document will be shared with you under embargo shortly before the press conference.
  • Mr. Paulo Pinheiro, Chairperson, Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic
  • Ms. Carla del Ponte, Member of the Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic OHCHR
  • 5 February 2016Press Conference by the SRSG for International MigrationUpdate on current UN initiatives on refugees and migration. [
  • Peter Sutherland, United Nations Special Representative of th
    ] e Secretary-General for International Migration UNOG
  • 4 February 2016OHCHR Press ConferenceConcluding Observations on Senegal, Iran, Latvia, Oman, France, Ireland, Peru, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Benin, Brunei, Kenya and Zambia
  • Benyam Mezmur (Chair)
  • Gehad Madi
  • Bernard Gastaud
  • Hynd Ayoubi Idrissi
  • Jorge CardonaOHCHR

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