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UN Geneva Seminars Series

UN Geneva Seminars Series

The Information Service of the United Nations Office at Geneva organizes an annual seminar series to deepen the academic world's knowledge on the activities of the United Nations and on its priorities and challenges in the years to come.

Two seminars are organized every year and held at the Palais des Nations, over two days. They mainly target students and representatives of universities and research institutes.

Each seminar promotes a specific theme and comprises a series of lectures given by a panel of experts with various backgrounds (Representatives of NGOs, academies or administrations; experts from UN Agencies or independent experts) who will make presentations and then debate the issues with the participants.

The presentations and discussions may be held in English or French.

Following the seminar, a certificate of participation is awarded to students.

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7th edition of the
UN Geneva Seminars Series

Joint event organized with UNOSDP

"Sport and the Sustainable Development Goals"

8 and 9 December 2015

Room XIV (Cinema Room)


This seminar is open to university professors and students.

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8 December 2015 - 9 December 2015
Sport is becoming more significant as a means to assist the United Nations to achieve their goals. In this two-day seminar and through seven conferences followed by debates, UN and academics experts, NGO representatives and athletes will demonstrate how the integration of sport in programs for development and peace, can help the United Nations to make full use of an economic and far-reaching tool that could help reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.