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Graduate Study Programme

The 53rd Graduate Study Programme will take place from 6 to 17 July 2015 at the United Nations Office at Geneva, with the theme:


"Our goal is simple but daunting prosperity and dignity for all in a world where humankind lives in harmony with nature" - Ban Ki-moon.


Each year, as part of the educational outreach programmes undertaken by the United Nations, the Information Service at Geneva organizes a Graduate Study Programme. This seminar provides an opportunity for outstanding young postgraduate students from all over the world to deepen their understanding of the principles, purposes and activities of the United Nations and its related agencies through first-hand observation and study at the United Nations Office at Geneva.

Participants form working groups to study issues related to human rights, development and the environment under the guidance of United Nations experts. They are provided with selected documents and publications on the theme under discussion. Please note that the Programme is conducted in English and French without interpretation.

The postgraduate students invited to attend the Study Programme are selected on the basis of their academic experience and motivation, with due regard to equitable geographical and gender distribution. Candidates must be between 23-35 years of age. As this is a bilingual programme, candidates must have a good knowledge of English and French.

How to apply

Interested postgraduate students interested in the 2015 Graduate Study Programme must submit their application ONLINE before the deadline date of 27 February 2015. No applications will be accepted after this date.

The application form is to be filled online, accompanied by a letter of recommendation (in English or Frenchonly) from a university or governmental authority, proof of enrolment in a Masters degree programme (or equivalent) and university diplomas obtained.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

Successful candidates will be asked to provide a medical certificate attesting good health and proof of medical insurance coverage
in Switzerland at the time of the internship. Applications from those already employed full time professionally cannot be considered.

Candidates are notified of the selection committee's decision
by mid-April 2015. Participation in the programme is free. The United Nations does not make any financial contribution towards the travel costs and residential expenses of participants. Governments or universities may offer grants to selected candidates. Candidates should seek advice from their universities on this point.

Hide details for Information on the selection processInformation on the selection process

The participants in the Graduate Study Programme are selected by a Selection Committee that is composed of officials of the United Nations Office at Geneva with various background and professional experience.

The Selection Committee is guided by the following criteria:
  • Academic background
  • Geographical balance
  • Gender balance
  • Good knowledge of the two working languages of the Programme (English and French)
  • Usefulness of the Programme for the career of the applicant

In order to give the largest number of students the possibility to participate in the Programme, applicants who have already participated in previous editions of the Graduate Study Programme will not considered by the Committee.

Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. The Selection Committee does not disclose the motivation of its choices. Decisions of the Selection Committee are final and cannot be appealed.